Our Chef

Chef Zongxing Tu is an acclaimed Chef with decades crafting his skills in the art of Shanghainese cuisine. In his hometown of Shanghai, he was a culinary instructor and a chef with a long list of accolades as diverse as the menu he offers at Salt & Ginger. In the 1980s, he was appointed by his culinary institute to work in Germany before coming to New York and making his name as a master of soup dumplings at the first Joe's Shanghai in Flushing, Queens. As the past executive chef at Joe Shanghai, he was headlined at numerous New York publications such as the NY Times, Eater, Daily News, and Time out for his authentic and comforting dishes.

Salt & Ginger, a proudly Shanghainese restaurant, serves hand wrapped dumplings freshly made to order everyday. In addition to the signature soup dumplings, Salt & Ginger will invoke feelings of home cooked meals with an elevated restaurant taste.

Chef Zongxing Tu